We work hand-in-hand with your Bed Bugs Pest Control service guiding their Bedbug treatment.

Our certified K-9’s are trained to detect only live bedbugs and viable bedbug eggs with up to 95% accuracy. We can quickly identify the location and extent of a problem. Your Bed Bug Pest Control can focus treatment on only infested areas, reducing cost and time.

Dog Inspectors uses two-dog teams. When needed, each dog takes a turn inspecting while the other rests. They typically work for 20 to 30 minutes between breaks. This allows the dogs to remain sharp and focused throughout the inspection process.

Bed bug infestations are on the rise and the public knows it. This newly ‘informed’ consumer expects that you have taken every possible precaution. Failure to do so contributes to losses that can cost well into thousands of dollars for remediation, furniture replacement, comped rooms, legal fees, and in many cases, settled lawsuits.

Can you really afford not to be? Regular, on-going pro-active inspections and early detection are the key to controlling your exposure and limiting the costs of a bed bug incident. In light of these potential costs, regular inspections by Dog Inspectors become both affordable and invaluable!

the cost of bed bugs

What is the price of an inspection?

Answer: For residential it is one fixed price. For Commercial we charge by the day, square footage or per room depending on the situation.

Do you come in unmarked vehicles?

Answer: We are in unmarked vehicles – mostly minivans and SUVs

Do you provide a report of the results?

Answer: Yes, we provide a written report of the inspection results.

How accurate are the dogs?

Answer: For certification purposes, the Dogs are 95% accurate or better – but, in the field, we believe they are generally 85% to 90% accurate. Accuracy is affected by competing odors, air flow, distractions, etc.

How do you train a dog to find Bed Bugs?

Answer: Our K-9s are trained in the same way that detection K-9s are trained for narcotics or explosives. The technique is the same, the odor is the only difference.

Will your Dogs alert on dead bed bugs?

Answer: No. As a bed bug dies and begins to decompose, the odor will dissipate. So, after about 10 days to 2 weeks, there is no longer any odor for the Dogs to detect.

Do the Dogs alert on eggs?

Answer: The Dogs will alert on viable eggs (still alive and ready to hatch). However, there is very little odor available so the task is more difficult.