Meet our amazing Bed Bug hunters! Our Dogs were selected for detection work because of their natural skills

They are very social, confident, and courageous and rarely ever stop sniffing for what they are looking for. Our dogs receive regular and on-going daily training. This is vital in order for them to remain sharp and accurate as well as focused on their job. Our dogs are trained with toys as opposed to treats or food. Just as with people, dogs cannot perform at their peak abilities when they are hungry. Our dogs are rewarded with the toy prize which taps into their natural drives and character traits.

Not every dog is naturally suited for detection work. Although, most dogs do possess a hunt drive which is essential for detection work, detection dogs must also possess a boundless curiosity and immense energy to be successful. Like a professional athlete, detection dogs must exhibit an intense drive and constant desire to perform their job.

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K-9 Vilma
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K-9 Bendy
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Dog Inspectors Bed Bug Dog
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